.: DECAL Solo - 003


This show was delayed a bit due to an issue with the contest. I felt that it was pointless to have a contest without a real prize and without any sort of deadline to give away the prize. Honestly, who would go through the trouble of entering a contest if you didn't know what the prize was or when it ended? So after a lot of thought, I finalized the contest rules and those are available here.

As for the show...
I revealed the contest details, talked about Portable Apps which allows you to install useful applications on a flash drive and use them where ever you have access to a computer and the internet and played a few tracks from Extropy who were the first band to send me their CD.

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.: DECAL Radio- 002


Ed and co-host Mike Phipps discuss their top Christmas tech toys including the PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, Zune, Ipod, Sandisk Sansa, Roku Soundbridge, Flash Drives and Robosapien. Ty spins a few songs from Rammstein and provides a brief history of the band. Ed and Brian discuss the downfalls of digital rights management and DJ Bwahaha spins a great set featuring Cindergarden, Tristraum, Revolver Modele and State of Being.

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1GB Flash Drive $10 at Micro Center Online
Search for Roku Soundbridge on Froogle (google)


.: DECAL Solo - 001


Ed talks about the history of DECAL Radio and where its heading in the first half of this "pre launch" show. Favorite podcasts and a short set featuring the songs of 16 Volt are the focus of the second half. All of the links to the podcasts can be found under the links section of this site.




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