.: How To Submit Music To DECAL Radio

What To Submit

Minimum of 3 songs, quality must be decent to be included in the show. If content contains profanity, please state which tracks. This will NOT disqualify your recordings from being played. Shows with mature content need to be marked "explicit" in our RSS feed to be distributed through itunes.

Be sure to include a description of the band, history, website and any other info you would like us to tell our listeners.

There is a 4-8 week time period from when songs are received to when they are aired.


Preferred Method

MAIL! CDs are still the best way to submit tracks. Send your CD and band info to:

DECAL Radio, 2260 Pleasant Ridge, Howell, MI 48843

Alternate Methods

Email - only one song per email to decalradio@gmail.com Don't forget to include your band's info and be sure to send at least 3 emails (one track per email). Use DECAL Submission as your subject.

If you are using MySpace: Provide links to the songs on your MySpace page and be sure to include the names of the tracks as MySpace does not support ID3 tags. Be sure to include your band's bio and URL in the email.

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